Scrum Lake

Co-Creative Scrum Workshops

Scrum Lake is a virtual workshop for Scrum enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach, or a curious stakeholder, Scrum Lake offers a unique space to share stories, learn techniques, and explore Scrum theory, practice, and reality.

Just a small selection of Happy Scrum Lake participants from previous workshops - Gregory, Ovidiu, Jamie, Marion, Kapil, Richard, Gianni, Tom and Katrin

We are very proud that Scrum Lake workshops are consistently well received, this is due to the unique approach of our workshops.

Scrum Lake Co-Creative Canvas

Share collaborate and grow

Scrum Lake workshops are interactive sessions where Scrum enthusiasts of all levels can hare stories, learn techniques and deepen their understanding of Scrum. You will work with an experienced facilitator and other Scrum Masters to co-create and explore various aspects of Scrum in a two-hour workshop. You will have the chance to dive into topics such as values, trust, empiricism, Lean thinking, artifacts, events or accountabilities. You will also benefit from the supportive metaphors and the diverse opinions that emerge from the group.

Scrum Lake workshops are open to anyone who has some experience with Scrum, whether as a Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner or stakeholder. Join us and dive much deeper into Scrum; share, collaborate and grow.

A Scrum Team is like a submarine

Dive Into Scrum Lake

Scrum Lake workshops are scheduled every few months, each workshop is unique owing to the diversity of attendees and stories from around the World. You and your fellow divers will explore together. Do you want to dive deep into the Theory? Stay shallow and share stories? Whatever you want, we will explore further together.

Reflect, Collaborate and Grow with a diverse and highly engaged group of Scrum Masters and Coaches from all across the world.

Come join with us on our next adventure...

An image of a pirate ship. The Sprint is like the hull of a ship in that it is a container.