What to Expect

What to Expect from a Scrum Lake Workshop

Scrum Lake is a collaborative and interactive workshop that helps you explore your own challenges and opportunities of Scrum, its a place to be real. You will join other Scrum practitioners and share your stories, insights, and learnings from applying Scrum in real-world scenarios. You will also deepen your understanding of the Scrum framework and its principles, and come up with actionable improvements.

The workshop is two hours long and uses a Miro canvas to facilitate the discussion and activities. It is not a training session, but you will learn a lot from your peers and gain new perspectives on Scrum. Scrum Lake is a great way to connect with other Scrum enthusiasts and improve your own Scrum practice.

Why a Lake?

Scrum Lake is a metaphor for the Scrum framework. Our lake is a container for other metaphors such as a submarine and explorers (Scrum Team and Accountabilities), a ship (events), items that represent work or value (artefacts and commitments to), Bedrock (The Values of Commitment, Courage, Focus, Openness and Respect) and the Sedimentary layers (Scrum Theory and Empiricism) plus many more to visualise and help folks to connect more deeply.  Our metaphors and images are all carefully crafted to promote discussion of tough concepts. Importantly, these are the metaphors we have designed. Don't like them? Come up with your own and share it with the participants. Metaphors are powerful if they are emotional and personal. Buy into ours, or craft your own!

What are Scrum Lake workshops all about?

Using a pre-prepared canvas, you and your fellow explorers will dive into Scrum Lake. In a typical two hour event, you will co-create the journey through the lake as a team, supported by experienced Scrum Masters (Dive Masters) at all times.

Scrum Lake Co-Creative Canvas

Where we explore, is down to you

Do you want to investigate how you can make the artefacts in Scrum Lake more transparent? Take a deeper look at Scrum theory? Investigate how poorly defined accountabilities can impact your Scrum Team? How does empiricism flow and come to life building trust and how does it does link into the embodiment of values? These are the kind of questions we explore in Scrum Lake, we exploring them in a human way sharing our stories with each and exploring the reality, and what can be. It's all there... within a shared experience.

Leading Scrum Masters, Coaches and Product Owners from all over the world describe their experience of a Scrum Lake Workshops on TrustPilot:

Just a small selection of Happy Scrum Lake participants from previous workshops - Gregory, Ovidiu, Jamie, Marion, Kapil, Richard, Gianni, Tom and Katrin

Scrum lake is Mind-Expanding - Gregory Miller, Ohio -  Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Podcast Host of "The Agile Within Podcast"

"Scrum Lake is the best community gathering I’ve ever been to. They are very welcoming to all regardless of your experience. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to grow knowledge and share experiences. The amount of they put into the visuals is truly amazing. It’s also very interactive and not boring at all. You are not talked to but rather invited into the conversation"

Diving deep! - Marion Barry, Berlin - CSM® | PSM I | SAFe (5.0)) ⋆ Design Thinker

"Once again, John and Ryan created a wonderful workshop, Scrum Lake, where we examined events within scrum framework and "dived deep". This was the second session I attended in the Scrum Lake series, and each time I am amazed at the visuals, energised by the conversations, and impressed by how John and Ryan create a safe and creative space that allows everyone to be open and have meaningful discussions."

Ryan and John are very professional facilitators - Hosny Ashry, Riyadh - Scrum Master | PSM II and 𝗣𝗦𝗣𝗢 𝗜𝗜

"I really enjoy the time with Ryan and John they are professional facilitators and I really appreciate the time and effort they give to the community.
I am looking forward to meet them again in another amazing workshop"

Great opportunity to meet experienced SM Richard Acosta, Paris - Coach, Trainer and Speaker

"Amazing opportunity to meet experienced Scrum Masters that can share anecdotes and ideas on how to unblock familiar impediments within the team or in the organization based on Scrum theory and values and backed up with real experience."

Contact sales@scrumlake.com if you would like to schedule a private remote facilitated Scrum Lake workshop within you're organisation. Private workshops are perfect for Community of Practice, Groups of Scrum Masters and Coaches, Developers and Leaders.