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Your Scrum Lake facilitators

Scrum Lake is developed and co-facilitated by John Albrecht and Ryan Brook. They are both experienced Scrum Masters who love working with teams and growing a culture of continuous improvement. We help our workshop participants navigate through Scrum Lake by facilitating connection and deeper discussion. We are facilitators and active participants on the journey into Scrum Lake. Our favourite part of Scrum Lake is meeting with other experienced practitioners and sharing ideas.

John Albrecht

John Albrecht

John Albrecht PSM III

John is a Scrum Master and coach with a long and varied experience of growing Agile teams. He has a technical software development background and growing teams from within using value-based principles. A true leader who serves, fostering an environment where the scrum values are embodied, building trust with teams coming to life. As a meetup and conference speaker, John has spoken and facilitated workshops on Servant Leadership, Wardley Mapping, TA, Story Mapping, Example Mapping and Big Room Vision, Scrum Builders. He is a keen visual facilitator, drawing all the metaphors and symbols you see within Scrum Lake.

John perhaps is best known for his audiobook recordings of the Scrum Guide 2017 and The Scrum Guide 2020; which is freely available stream and listen to on Spotify, Apple and Amazon and many other podcast platforms.

Alongside working with teams, he provides one to one coaching and mentoring for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile leaders.

Email john@scrumlake.com
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Ryan Brook

Ryan Brook

Ryan Brook PST

Ryan spends his time working with teams and organisations to change their mindset from 'delivery at whatever cost' to 'value at whatever cost'. Whilst he refers to himself as a Scrum Master, he isn't wedded to one particular framework. He uses creativity and a positive attitude to affect change and encourages people to find what works for them. Improving organisational culture is the backbone of Ryan's practice. Without it, he believes teams are not able to reap the benefits of an empirical framework.

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